Hi, I'm Drew! I'm a software development engineer at BlackSky helping advance our geospatial intelligence solutions. Previously I worked at Spectralux Avionics where I worked on the Envoy Data Link project and I am one of the named inventors on the patent.

I live in Seattle with my wife, two kids, and dog. In my spare time I contribute to OpenStreetMap by mapping things around Washington state, contributing code where I can, and getting involved as an associate member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. I also enjoy cycling, playing ukulele, video games, and tennis.

In 2015 I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a B.S. in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering with a minor in Math. Some of my previous personal projects include: a drum-kit sequencer built on the Arduino microcontroller platform, a retro text-based adventure game written in Java, an atari punk console, an autonomous GPS-based robot, an inventory management android app, an analog instrument distortion pedal, and an EEG-responsive robot. While at PLU, I competed in the ACM-ICPC, COMAP's Mathematical Contest in Modeling, and was a member of the men's rowing club, serving as coxswain, captain, and president.